About CAVM.net

CAVM.net is a Web site for support of the CAVM LISTSERV Discussion List. The CAVM List has been in existence for 18 years (started in August 1996). It has been maintained on LISTSERV servers for the entire time, resulting in 18 years worth of archives that can be searched.

The CAVM List is supported by donations, hence there is no mandatory enrollment or membership fee.  It is important that as many members as possible donate to keep the list running. Donations can be made through PayPal, although you do not need to have a PayPal account to donate using a credit card. The suggested minimum donation is $26 per year, which works out to $0.50 per week, less than the cost of a bottle of water.

Donations may be made by going here: x-click-butcc-donate

Note that this link is for an open donation, so you can donate any amount, the suggested minimum, more or less, more being preferred. You can also set up a recurring donation, e.g., $10 per month. Regardless of what you donate, please consider donating to help maintain the CAVM List.